Rajant Kinetic Mesh® Networks in Federal & Military: Battle-Tested Broadband for Mission-Critical Applications

Using Rajant’s industrial-strength wireless BreadCrumbs, the opportunity to quickly deploy a Kinetic Mesh that can be used for Tactical Radio over IP (TROIP) becomes a reality. Increase efficiency of mission critical operations with more effective communications. The benefits of using TROIP include lower costs, improved reliability, and increased interoperability.



Benefits of Tactical Radio over IP:

  • Easy to deploy using Rajant infrastructure
  • No need to install extra cabling or communication paths
  • Expanding existing radio networks can be supported and expanded by simply adding Rajant radios
  • Replaces expensive leased lines, resulting in capital payback / lower cost
    • Remove the monthly fees associated with dedicated voice paths offered by telecommunications providers.
    • Ability to have company-wide shared resources (Shipping department uses Rajant in the warehouse but maintenance uses TRoIP to communicate)
  • Improved reliability with a mesh network that is not subject to a single point of failure.
  • Full duplex communications using TRoIP over Rajant
  • Increased productivity
    • Remote management
    • Centralized configuration and maintenance
    • Centralized command and control
    • Local incident response
  • Flexibility
    • Connecting multiple sites over wide geographical areas
    • Easily adding additional locations-including for mobile teams for incident response
  • Interoperability
    • As a company grows and expands its fleet of devices, radio equipment can be consolidated from a number of different devices onto the Rajant network
    • Allows the interconnection of a mixture of radio types and manufacturers
      • TRoIP for digital radio can bring together the various devices, allowing you access to their features and communicate with all users.
      • Not limited to a certain range when you are expanding your device population, allowing you to choose the radio manufacturer that offers the functions you need
    • Rajant radios can be added to extend interoperability, allowing your network to access innovative design features, while hardening your network.