Tracking Operations Has Never Been Easier

Trimble payload weighing systems use proprietary technology to achieve accurate weighing to ± 3% margin of error with no disruption to operations. This dynamic system ensures bucket-by-bucket optimization of the load-out process. Track tons per hour, cycle times, and total tonnage moved by excavators and trucks to understand project progress to plan. And when payload is combined with equipment inspection software and equipment monitoring solutions, tracking operations has never been easier.

For a full list of Weighing and Monitoring Systems, please visit the Trimble Heavy Industry website.


Weighing and Monitoring Solutions

InsightHQ: Operations Reporting Portal

InsightHQ is an operations management portal to show real-time productivity, availability and performance dashboards and reports.

LOADRITE 360 Loadout Management System

LR360 connects the loader and scale house for job data sharing which result in greater efficiency, improved visibility and higher product sales.

LOADRITE Excavator Scales

Half-full or half-empty, if your haul trucks aren’t carrying their optimized load you’re probably wasting money. With the X2350 on your excavator, you’ll know exactly how much material is loaded in the truck, and you’ll minimize costs and cycles to haul it away.

LOADRITE H2250 Haul Truck Monitor

Real-time haul truck production and process monitoring, driving increased production and limiting costs.

LOADRITE L3180 SmartScale for Wheel Loaders

Accuracy and precise loading that adjusts for rough terrain, technique, and movement so new and skilled operators can load with greater accuracy, precision and speed.

Payload Management for Trimble Earthworks Grade Control Platform

Maximize your machine control investment with integrated payload management. Track how much weight is in each bucket and how much weight has been added to a cycle.